Carbon footprint reduction: future solutions for responsible companies

Dare for more efficient and sustainable transport for the planet!

We take action to change things in a sector that has been singled out for its negative impact and waste. In a world of distances, challenges, and complexity, our team goes above and beyond every day to help our customers do better.

Electric or sailing transport, recovery, and economic synergy; we collaborate on inspiring projects and test solutions for the future with world leaders who, like us, aim to balance business performance, the environment, and the common good.

Scope 3 emissions measurements: control your carbon footprint.

We help you identify and monitor GHG emissions from your operations by transportation modes, suppliers and routes around the world. Define your GHG performance objectives, make informed decisions and optimize your transport logistics based on real, detailed data.

Last km: a more sustainable transport

With the rise of online orders, the last mile is costly for businesses and the environment. We help you rethink your current logistics and delivery model to make it more efficient and competitive in the eyes of your customers. Have a concrete positive impact.

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ATL raises its standard and becomes B Corp. What is the impact?

We are committed to succeeding in business by having a positive and lasting impact on the world around us. We choose our close collaborators and experts based on this same criterion; for a CSR commitment that is felt by our customers.

Innovating and paving the way for change

Squamish project: carbon-free ocean transport

Zéphyr & Borée and ATL are committed to low-carbon ocean transport via a sailing container ship service between Canada and Europe. These innovative ships of more than 120 meters are equipped with rigid wings, allowing an 80% reduction in the carbon footprint compared to a ship of the same size and 50% compared to existing services.


This proven solution is currently deployed by Zéphyr & Borée on a transatlantic line linking Northern Europe and the east coast of the United States. Service between Canada and Europe will be fully operational by 2027.

Our Partners for change